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Building Swimming Pools

Having your concrete pool built is good, but having your concrete pool built with innovative materials, connected and intelligent solutions, in an ECO-Responsible approach, is even better !

At Magiline, we build the pool of your dreams, the pool that looks like you, whatever its shape, stairs, liner, bottom and options chosen. We adapt our solution according to your expectations, taking into account your specific constraints and integrate the pool perfectly into your garden and home environment. With our new generation swimming pools, constraints are over !

If you have a swimming pool construction project, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study it together and offer you a free personalized quote.


The patented modular structure is composed of polypropylene panels with lost formwork. This unique concept allows an alveloar structure,
ultra reliable, autostable and without struts

The modular structure, combining traditional materials (iron+concrete) makes it possible to build tanks with the same strength requirements as for buildings, bridges and water towers.

In addition to being simple to install, this structure is ecological, designed to last and requires minimal earthworks.


Save time, money, electricity, water and chemicals with the patented Magiline solution : IMAGI-X !

With the MAGIprestige smart pool, manage remotely and automatically from your smartphone the treatment, temperature, chlorine level, level, too full of your water.

And when you relax in your pool, remotely activate the lighting, the spa function from the connected speaker or the waterproof remote control.

A technical problem ? A question ? Ask for teleassistance or advice in video and in all simplicity !


Our swimming pools are custom-built and according to the shape of your choice : rectangle, square, rounded, small or large, corner, overflow, swimming lane.


Magiline offers a wide choice of stairs among them the Arena staircase, the Roman staircase, the Beach staircase, the Island staircase, the Balnéo staircase, the MAGI² Arena staircase or the MAGI² Beach staircase.

Are you looking for a fully customizable and bespoke staircase ? Swimming pools Magiline offers the DESIGN staircase, a pool staircase that looks just like you.

Along, on the side, with submerged beach or bench .. The tailor-made staircase adapts completely to your desires and perfectly meets your aesthetic requirements.


Magiline’s PVC liner guarantees a high-strength waterproofing and easy maintenance, while its Ecotech foam offers unparalleled comfort with its suppleness and impeccable hygiene.

With Magiline, you have a wide choice of colours and quality.

It is up to you to define the color that looks like you : white, sand, light grey, light blue, blue france, grey anthracite, green caribbean, black or well printed liner.


Choose the floors that looks like you :


For your MAGIprestige pool, give yourself the option or options of your choice :

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As by Magiline ...

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Magiline, the right choice !

Piscinas Magiline, leader in custom-made swimming pool, smart, super equipped, economical and ecological.


Technological know-how with 87 international patents registered


Committed in the search for environmentally friendly solutions


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