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Swimming pool equipment

Do you want to connect, filter, protect, clean and secure your Magiline pool ?

Discover our innovative, patented solutions and the best products on the market selected for you.


iMAGI-x, the exclusive MAGILINE technology integrated into MAGIprestige pools.

It is a smart, connected solution designed to automate the functionality of the pool, its equipment and optimize electrical consumption.

An app accessible via a smartphone or tablet makes it easier to manage pool settings from the edge of the pool or remotely, as well as many other features (water disinfection, heating, lighting, balneotherapy or counter-current swimming, basin cleaning).


Our patented new generation NFX filtration system offers a 15 micron filtration thinness that limits the use of chemicals with filtered and renewed water up to 3 times faster.

Compact and easy to use, a total integration of the technical room, the overflow system and water level regulation.

More environmentally friendly, thanks to a closed-circuit cartridge filtration that prevents the discharge of water into the water table or sewer.

Easier to use, because the maintenance is done by simply washing the cartridge.


Protect your pool and wellness area to enjoy your pool all year round.

The pool shelter protects the pool from impurities, preventing them from settling in the water. With it, forget the insects, dead leaves, dust and other discomforts that dirty the pelvis.

All our shelters on GAA turntables can be handled by one person, and preserve water quality for ease of maintenance.


Submerged or above ground, motorized, solar, smartphone control, our shutters benefit from the latest technological innovations, offer the best in terms of quality and comply with the most demanding safety standards.

Submerged pool shutter is much more discreet, it even becomes invisible when it is open! The ultimate in pool protection combining performance and aesthetics.

The above-ground pool shutter with its multiple blade finishes, its patented exclusivities, its apron dressing solutions, it adapts to all configurations to cover and protect the pool.


Equipped with a new generation of technology, the PRECISIO alarm continuously deciphers the waves generated in the basin and identifies the immersion of a body in water. If a fall is detected, the powerful integrated sirens of the PRECISIO alarm alert immediately.


The right choice of a pool cleaning robot is crucial for cleanliness
water. It will save you from having to pull out your net and, most importantly, it will be much more effective than you.

Pools Magiline has selected from the best manufacturers on the market a whole range of electric robots for their efficiency and their performance: depending on the models, bottom cleaning – walls – water line, ultra fine filtration, intelligent navigation, remote control, transport trolley …

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