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Renovation of pools

Do you dream of a more modern, aesthetic pool with a new coating ?

Do you want to save money, reduce your water consumption, your electricity consumption and your consumption of cleaning products ?

You want to improve the quality of your water, thanks to a more efficient filtration ?

Or simply remove maintenance and cleaning constraints with smart solutions ?

With Magiline, the renovation of your swimming pool and your equipment makes sense ! This is the perfect opportunity to save energy, save water, save chemicals and preserve our environment.

With our innovative solutions, your traditional pool is rejuvenated while becoming more economical and more ecological.

Do you have a renovation project ? Contact our team, they will advise you and find solutions.


Many liners from classic PVC to reinforced membranes in more than 50 colors.

Ask us for advice.


NFX filtration for economical and ecological performance, with 3 times faster filtration fineness (approximately 1h30 of filtered water for an 8m x 4m pool).


iMAGI-X, a patented solution that puts an end to constraints. The automatic water treatment, the remote management of your pool settings via the smartphone app or a waterproof remote control, will leave you more pleasures.


Many choices :

Submerged component that adapts ideally to your pool.

Above ground shutters, bar blankets, shelters, winter blankets, ..

Ask us for advice.


For a water treatment with salt or chlorine without stress, choose an automatic filtration system that allows the very precise management of the disinfection of your pool.


Neolight lighting, economical and ecological LEDs, offers you a white, soft and diffused luminosity in your pool.

Neolight, color LEDs, allows you to increase the ambiance of your pool with 18 different modes (11 fixed colors and 7 sequences) using the remote control.

A renovation project ?

Do you want to renovate your swimming pool ? Do not hesitate to contact our team via this form to discuss your project and advise you !

    Magiline, the right choice !

    Piscinas Magiline, leader in custom-made swimming pool, smart, super equipped, economical and ecological.


    Technological know-how with 87 international patents registered


    Committed in the search for environmentally friendly solutions


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